Meditation for Loneliness

Despite the technology that we have today which connects the world instantly, loneliness, whether emotional, physical, or spiritual is perhaps the biggest affliction in the world.

The very fact that we have an addiction to technology, particularly phones, is a clear indicator that we are starving inside to connect.

This feeling of being isolated brings hopelessness,depression, and despair to the mind and heart, but there is a way out if you’re willing take just a fragment of the time you use to connect with your devices and choose instead to connect with yourself.

The solution is to use your inner technology and find the frequency which connects you to all of life. Look beyond the physical for that which you are seeking. The visible part of existence is only a shell around a vibrant core of Loving energy. Quantum physics backs this up in a way which, if contemplated, brings new understanding of who you are in the universe. And you are not alone, ever.

Try the following meditation and see if your connection to the inner web of life doesn’t improve. Just hold you intention to connect with Love and joy you seek and remember, the results are cumulative. It may be best to record it and play it back to yourself so you can simply enjoy the process without having to think.

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Imagine you are standing barefoot on a carpet of cool green grass with the sun shining on your face and warming your body. Feel a gentle breeze moving over your skin. Become conscious of breathing in the vibrant, fresh air which moves effortlessly in and out of your lungs. Shuffle your feet on the grass, stimulating the nerves of your feet and bringing a sense of connection between you and the earth.

See yourself standing still. Feel the energy of the earth moving up through your legs, swirling quickly around the base of your spine and continuing to flow up to the heart, as if drawn by a magnetic force. Notice the vitality of joy it brings as your heart begins to open like petals on a flower. Watch the waves of this energy expand up and out from your heart creating a fountain of light that surrounds your body. Allow it to continue expanding until it surrounds the entire community where you are. See It touching each person in your town with a wave of peace and compassion. Watch them smile or relax as your wave of Loving energy washes over them. Feel and see that same energy washing over every animal, every tree, and every sentient being. Continue allowing it to expand until it covers the entire country. Hold this image for a moment and feel your connection run through all living things. Notice, that in a short while,you begin to sense a return of energy coming from those who have received yours. Soon, you realize there is a constant going and coming of magnetic heart waves being shared and your sense of joyful connection grows strong.

After a couple of minutes, bring your attention back to your body and slowly begin to open your eyes. Continue to hold the feeling of connection as you gently merge back into your normal awareness.

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