Reiki: A Life Path Courses

Are you ready to expand your innate ability to heal at deeper levels and find the “something” which connects us to the divine in all things? For us, Reiki (in its truest sense of the word) did just that. You see, Reiki is more than just a hands on healing technique for assisting others, it is “the Life force energy from beyond the beyond”, the Chinese translation, which guides us on our life path toward the highest good. It would be an honor for us to put you in touch with this power and share with you some of the life changing realizations we’ve had on our journey.


With approximately 40 years of cumulative experience in Reiki, we have come to know it as "an aspect of the life force energy whose nature is light and love."   Ultimately, it brings us to the tipping point from our ego controlled mindset of exclusivity, to one where separation and complexity start to fade. In other words, we start to feel the true nature of light and love weaving its way throughout our everyday life and everything changes.

If this sounds intriguing to you and you would like to experience the transformational journey that can lead you on your life path while feeling connected to the Divine in all things, we invite you to join us in our upcoming workshops.

"This is an amazing experience for anyone curious about Reiki or who may feel drawn

to accessing their energy and potential."

— Colleen T.

Reiki I & II
The History, Traditions & Symbols

Modified Usui System of Reiki

Reiki I - The History & Traditions

You will be gently introduced to- and quickly acquainted with- looking at the world as a living energy. The process of uncovering this world can be very exciting and can open new awareness in all aspects of your life. We’ll make sure you get plenty of individual attention as you:

  • Are Introduced to the philosophy of Reiki

  • Gain insight to an expanded view of Reiki

  • Learn the history of Usui Reiki

  • Learn to experience energy fields

  • Receive the Level I Attunement

  • Give and receive a Reiki Treatment


Reiki II – Power of Intention Through Symbols

In this class you will learn the importance and power of symbols. In our everyday life, symbols are used in a multitude of ways. Certainly, advertisers rely heavily on symbols, but in Reiki we approach symbols with sacred reverence as they symbolize aspects of The Divine.

You will learn three Reiki symbols and their uses, these are:

  • The Power Symbol, for increasing the power and sealing off the are.

  • The Mental-Emotional Symbol, for dealing with related problems from addictions to relationships

  • The Absentee Symbol, for Reiki at a distance

  • Receive the Level’s II Attunements

  • Give and receive a Reiki treatment

Reiki III
Advanced Healing Techniques

Modified Usui System of Reiki

In the original Usui System, learning and working with the Usui Master Symbol was considered the Master Class. Today, recognizing the versatility that Reiki offers when combined with other healing traditions, and because of the addition of two Tibetan symbols, we teach this as an "Advanced" Reiki class. The implications of the knowledge passed on here are enormous and life changing. It is a must in our eyes for those who seek deep change on this path. Not only that, the modified system we teach incorporates other extremely powerful techniques for using the Reiki energy.


You will:

  • Learn the Usui Master Symbol

  • Learn a psychic surgery technique

  • Learn how to make a Reiki grid with crystals

  • Learn a Reiki meditation

  • Receive the Level III Attunement

  • and more!

Reiki IV
Master Teacher

Modified Usui System of Reiki

This class is designed for those who want a Masterful understanding of the entire Usui System. It is a major step in incorporating the light and Love of Reiki into your personal life and your life as a teacher, if you so choose.


We will look deeper into beliefs, affirmations, meditations, and making Reiki a part of your everyday life so that your true light begins to shine for all to see and feel.


You will learn:

  • Two powerful Tibetan symbols that enhance and complete this modified Usui system

  • Review past classes in preparation of teaching in your future

  • Experience a very powerful Reiki meditation

  • Be shown how to give all of the Reiki attunements