Sue Ellen Roberts

Sue Ellen Roberts is an angelic channel.  The angels began speaking to her, through poetry, in 1994 and have been communicating ever since.  She has shared their messages throughout the world and Lovingly offers them to everyone in many different forms.  She is also an educator, teaching elementary school music for 42 years.  The angels have told her that they will always speak the Truth, even when it is difficult to hear.  They will tell you what you NEED to know, not what you want to know.

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Judith Monahan


Messages from the Ascended Master 

Judith Monahan is an internationally known channel. She began channeling messages from the “Brotherhood for Healing” in 1987 after working diligently to develop her psychic abilities. Since 1987 Judith has channeled messages and healing energy from these highly evolved souls who are dedicated to helping humanity and the planet heal at profound levels. Elevating our vibration, improving the quality of life and accessing our creative potential is the mission of the Brotherhood for Healing. 

The wisdom of the ascended masters can assist you in understanding your purpose here in physical form. They also provide insight into how you may end the cycle of fear, which keeps you separated from love, and access your creative potential. 

In Group sessions “ The Brotherhood for Healing” provides messages for our lives and times. These Ascended Masters have shared their wisdom regarding such topics as the journey of the soul after death, earth changes and how we create our reality. Questions are encouraged and welcome. A guided meditation designed to heal the body, elevate vibration and expand awareness is usually provided. 

Join Judith Monahan as she channels a message from “ The Brotherhood for Healing” ______________________________________________________ 

Judith Monahan 815-409-7021